Motorcycles, Ghosts, Demons, Murders and Mayhem – All in a Day’s Work for Paranormal Investigator Nash Baxter

Praise for paranormal thriller  The Things in Heaven and Earth, by Michael Scott Hopkins

“. . . a thrill ride of a mystery novel–a slug and shot of testosterone that works eminently well with its spooky plot concerning a demonic threat to the world at large.” IndieReader 4.8 Review.

 “. . . a riveting metaphysical romp with a literary flair.” Author Jeffrey James Higgins. 

“Hopkins’ disarming and casual prose seems effortless . . . with a cast of supernatural enemies whom we never quite know are real . . .” Author Gojan Nikolich. 

“Powerful and gripping from cover to cover. . .” Author Dan McDowell. 

“If you like action, great dialogue, a page-turning plot, and, well, demons….this novel is for you!” Amazon Reviewer.

“Great plot that moves along quickly – you really want to know what the hell (no pun intended) is going on in this strange, demon and ghost-infested world. If demons aren’t your thing – you will still enjoy the witty dialogue and character development.” Marjorie Justice.

“. . . this isn’t a candy-and-popcorn thriller. Hopkins’ style is deeply literary and demands an attentive read.” author Kelly Capriotti Burton.

“This book got me hooked during the first chapter. It was a great read and I can only hope the Author writes a continuation!” Karen Wells Jagow.

“[Hopkins] grabs you from the start, and the prose is so natural you’re diving in and fully immersed in the story before you even realize it. Nothing is ever forced. Pacing is spot-on. This is truly a pleasure to read!” Cheryl Hague.