Gideon’s Sorrow (Literary Horror)

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In the early 19th century, an evil entity turns its eye westward, seeking dominion over opening lands and the eager, hapless souls who would claim them . . .

Dying from a festering wound on the Ohio frontier, would-be settler Abraham Teague strikes a bargain with evil for his life, land that will prosper, and a wife and strong sons to worship him. The bargain holds true, and against insurmountable odds, Abraham has all that he ever wanted. But payment comes due, and Abraham’s wife and sons are lost, their lives and souls sacrificed for Abraham’s dreams. With the bargain complete, the evil spirit’s claim upon the Teague family fades . . . until the last cursed son of the last Teague, Abraham’s grandson Gideon, reluctantly commits murder to save his wife and son. In that moment, evil gains a new foothold, and Gideon’s life and family become prizes for the taking.

 Yet the spirit had not foreseen the battles to be waged against it by a mother’s love, a wife’s devotion, and the very souls it had taken as payment for Abraham’s life. Thus, the struggle between good and evil will rage within the depths of Gideon’s sorrow.