DR. C.M. Tinklebottom’s Great Big Book of Sex (Humor)

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Sex researcher Dr. Clarence M. Tinklebottom is having a career crisis. Even while presenting his latest research on premature ejaculation in the tiny-penised Paraguayan tree sloth at the 57th Annual Sex Researcher Symposium in Oslo, Kentucky (to be sure, not nearly as prestigious as the Annual Sex Researcher Symposium in Oslo, Norway), he begins to doubt that his academic research is having any true impact on the real world of sex.

Determined to make a change, Dr. Tinklebottom decides to take his research to the real, grimy, and more slippery sexual exploits of the average Joe and Jane. The result is his newest research tome, Dr. C.M. Tinklebottom’s Great Big Sex Book. Tinklebottom writes about “Surgery During Foreplay: the Cutting Edge of Arousal,” “The Performance Game, or Sex at 220 MPH on the Straightaway,” “The Clitoral Conspiracy,” “The G-Spot, Myth or Monster,” and, of course, “The Checkbook Method,” a little known sexual technique practiced by accountants that is guaranteed to lead to multiple orgasms and ensure against accidental overdrafts.